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Ask Congress to fund re-entry programs for incarcerated people

Crucial programs that assist individuals preparing to leave prison are in jeopardy right now because Congress has not funded the FIRST STEP Act. Ask your senators and representative to fund the FIRST STEP Act to provide these crucial programs that reduce recidivism:

  • Education courses, allowing incarcerated people to get a GED or take other general and advanced occupational education classes.
  • Substance abuse treatment, for incarcerated persons who are addicted.
  • Robust job training, preparing them for life in the workforce after prison.

As people of faith, we believe in the transformative power of God. We also believe strongly in redemption. Funding the FIRST STEP Act will provide redemptive paths to exit the criminal justice system and give incarcerated people a second chance. It is critical that people are given the opportunity to succeed through these programs.


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