Tell the Senate to pass the No Ban Act

As people of faith, we recognize the full humanity and human dignity found in all people, no matter their religion, the color of their skin, or their national origin. Therefore, we are called to speak out against religious discrimination and racism. People should not be banned based on their faith, the color of their skin, or their national origin. Such actions separate families and prevent people in dangerous situations from finding refuge.

The Trump administration’s Muslim Ban, first initiated in January 2017, and its expanded ban announced in January 2020, perpetuate religious discrimination and racism. The No Ban Act, which has been introduced in Congress, would repeal the ban and prevent future administrations from issuing a similar one. Ask your senators and representative to support the No Ban Act.

Update July 2020 - This bill has passed the House! Take this alert to ask your Senators to do the same. 

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