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Join our Advocate Network and commit to advocate for a radically just world in the areas of voter protection, immigration, climate justice, women & girls, and economic and racial justice through: 

  • Prayer - Things look dire out there. There is no question about it, unless our power is rooted in the Holy Spirit, it is hard to press on. We need the kind of prayer that sustains life and drives out fear, hate, and the forces that seek death and destruction. Can you commit to prayer?  
  • Courageous Presence - From a conversation with a neighbor that has a different opinion to an appointment with our elected officials where we challenge them to reconsider their investment in our communities, courageous presence allows us to push past our instincts to dismiss, to give up, or to ignore. It frees us to live into the hopeful future we imagine. Courageous presence requires that we become conscious of the very small internal choices we make and their impact on others. We make a choice for the things that promote life and flourishing from the very choice of our words and responses, to our participation at the voting booth. Can you commit to courageous presence? 
  • Action - We show up at critical moments to make sure our voices are heard and counted when decisions about us are being made. Petitions, vigils, protests, and demonstrations characterize this commitment. Can you commit to taking action? 

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