Pledge to get the COVID-19 vaccine and protect your community!

The pandemic has claimed too many lives in our communities. Those of us pastoring in Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities have witnessed the impacts of long-term inequity during this health crisis.

As COVID-19 vaccines become increasingly available, we have an opportunity to help put a stop to the virus. It is crucial that those able to get the vaccine do so as soon as possible to protect one another. As trusted members of our communities, faith leaders like us are in the unique position to increase trust in the vaccine, prevent the spread of harmful misinformation, and ensure equitable distribution of doses.

I pledge to:

  1. Get the COVID-19 vaccine when I am eligible and share my experience with the hashtag #Pastors4Vaccines by posting a photo or video of myself reflecting the experience of getting vaccinated!
  2. Educate my community about the COVID-19 vaccine by preaching a sermon or sharing resources related to the vaccine. 
  3. Advocate for racial equity in the vaccine distribution

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