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Tell the Senate: Support DACA, TPS & Farm Workers

UPDATE: These two bill passed the House, now we need your help to get them passed in the Senate!

In March, the House passed two bills that would create a pathway to citizenship for millions of DACA recipients, Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders, and farmworkers. Now, it’s the Senate’s turn to pass these bills and turn them into a reality. These bills are a first step towards the goal of creating a pathway to citizenship for all 11 million undocumented and under-documented immigrant people who are home in the United States. Our immigrant communities need you to advocate for every opportunity to provide a pathway to citizenship. While these bills are a step in the right direction, they still exclude many of our immigrant neighbors. Contact your senators and them to support these bills and commit to working on more inclusive legislation that creates a pathway to citizenship for all 11 million of our neighbors.   

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