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Urge the Senate to Immediately Restart Diplomacy with Iran 

As people of faith, we are called to repent and make amends when we have done wrong. The Trump administration’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal  the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) – has left the world a more dangerous placeadded to the suffering of innocent Iranian citizens, and brought the world closer to nuclear proliferation. 

The Iran Diplomacy Act provides a bold opportunity for the Biden administration to lift unilateral sanctions on Iran and immediately return to the JCPOA. It is incumbent on the Senate to pass this bill, swiftly rejoin the JCPOA, and de-escalate tensions.  

Since the U.S. broke the deal, the U.S. needs to first rejoin the JCPOA to make peace, build trust, and restore diplomacy with Iran. Please use the form below to ask your senators to put an end to the reckless “maximum pressure” campaign against the Iranian people by passing the Iran Diplomacy Act.   


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